August 30, 2012

Republican Speeches: Ann Romney

Ann Romney delivered the goods when she delivered a speech at the Republican convention in Tampa on Tuesday evening. To a lot of voters, Mitt Romney doesn’t come across as a “regular guy.” And a poll shows women support Romney well below the levels of men. So the purpose of Ann’s speech was to address […]

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June 22, 2012

Why we still issue news releases

A discussion group recently dealt with the issue of press (news for me) releases. The thread began with the question, “Why are we still writing press releases?” If you abandon a medium, you are guaranteed to cut off communication with those who don’t use that medium–it’s axiomatic. A mime at a dinner party will not […]

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Today in History: April 23

Politics: For the first time, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment shuts down a company due to high pollution levels (1974). Disaster: A Soviet cosmonaut dies when the parachutes on his spacecraft fail to open and he plunges to earth (1967). Politics: Lester Pearson, Canadian Prime Minister during the 1960s, is born (1897).

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March 12, 2012

Today in History: March 11

Disaster: 2002: Six children die in a house fire in Quatsino, B.C. (2002). Politics: Ralph Klein’s Progressive Conservatives win the Alberta election (1997). Disaster: One of the worst blizzards in American history strikes the northeast, killing more than 400 people (1888).

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Today in History: March 5

Public speaking: Winston Churchill critisizes the Soviet Union for the “iron curtain” (1946). Politics: Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, wins his seventh and final election (1891). Media: The first edition of the Globe newspaper is published in Toronto (1844.)

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