Media Relations

The inside of a newsroom is a very special place, not well understood by most people. Our consultants have spent many years in big city newspapers, local TV, network news programs, national radio and the major news bureaus in Washington, New York, London, Moscow and Toronto. We know what will generate publicity and what probably won’t. We won’t waste your time and money trying to make something newsworthy that really isn’t.

Sometimes called free media, sometime earned media, placement in the news columns and on newscasts can have a great effect on your business. But you can also waste a lot of time seeking publicity in the wrong way. We will council you on media lists, news release writing, the pitch, what else to send to journalists, how to keep assignment editors coming back to you and how to be an efficient spokesperson in 8 seconds or 8 minutes.

We’ve been interviewed by The New York Times, CNBC Europe, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star, New York 1, BBC, CBC, Global, NBC Nightly News, PBS, NPR, Radio New Zealand, L’Agence France Presse, Newsworld and countless local newspapers and stations. We know what will generate media coverage and publicity.

Media Relations Articles

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