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Conscription if Necessary, but not Necessarily Conscription

An equivocating Canadian politician, Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King, was asked about the divisive issue of conscription.  French and English Canadians didn’t see eye to eye on the issue, leading up to World War II. Kind famously said “Conscription if necessary, but not necessarily conscription” or words to that effect to reassure French Canadians […]

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An Unsavory Lot

If only I’d known Michelle Daley and Chris Rissel a few years back, I could have saved them some time and money. They studied whether images of cycling promoted or discouraged cycling. They must have stopped the presses at the journal “Transport Policy” in which the researchers’ wrote that “[b]icycle couriers were viewed least favourably.” […]

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The American Rust Belt Unveils Its Treasures

Have I seen the epicenter of the fabled “rust-belt” of America? Perhaps. But most epicenters are movable feasts, changing as criteria change and through history and other lenses. As I drive regularly between Chicago and Boston, my cup runeth over with epicenters. The Detroit train station, Packard plant, GM Headquarters and old hotels — all empty –are a good […]

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A Double Secret Probation

  In the classic movie Animal House staring John Belushi, some of the rowdy students are put on “double-secret probation.” Yikes. You’re in trouble and you don’t know it and if you could find out you’re in trouble, you’d have to find out twice to get out of the double-secret part. Which brings us to […]

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October 14, 2014

Gentlemen of the Press

“Gentlemen of the press” the man said as he walked into the CHSJ Radio and TV newsroom in Saint John, New Brunswick. This was decades ago when I was a university student and writing news in the summers and on weekends. The great Jack Pineo read the six o’clock news which I wrote. He was […]

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September 30, 2014

The Eyes Have It‏

Debates are in the news and will be for a while. We’ve had 30 or so in Toronto during the civic election and more to come. There’s a controversy about whether to include fringe candidates and whether the leading candidates are to be blamed for occasionally refusing to attend a debate. We’ll have more of […]

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