Speaking, Writing and Presenting In SOCKOs®

Speaking is the #1 fear among North American adults. Twenty percent of all business communication is designed to clear up the confusion that the last piece of business communication created. Allan is passionate about solving these serious business problems with clear, short, effective communication. As a consultant to international diplomats in world capitals, Allan learned the value of five-minute meetings, one sentence directions and one-page briefing notes. In his work with the military, he learned how clear communication protects lives and unclear messages can result in death. With chapters on witness preparation, sales, negotiation, media, public speaking and internal presentations, this is a comprehensive guide for anyone who must direct others or ask for help in writing or verbally—and that’s everybody.

“Whether you are today’s Cicero or facing your first time behind a podium, Allan Bonner can enhance your performance.”

-Ambassador Kenneth D. TaylorCanada’s Former Ambassador to Iran and Consul General in New York,Chancellor of Victoria University

“Anyone who has to communicate with the public — and these days, who doesn’t? — will profit from this practical, comprehensive work.”

-Aram Bakshian, Jr.Director of Speechwriting for President Ronald Reagan and Editor of “American Speaker”

“…writing and speaking well are crafts that few are adequately taught. Allan’s book demystifies … while presenting a pragmatic and logical approach to the processes of communication. Exhaustive in scope, the book is peppered with insightful and engaging asides and is a remarkably accessible and valuable guide … “

-Kenneth Bell, MAJournalist; Lecturer in CommunicationsUniversity of Regina

The SOCKO® System Video

Public speaking is said to be the number one fear among North American adults. This fear results in wasted time for both the speaker and the audience. This is too high a price to pay in business and government. Here’s an opportunity to start with the basics-the invitation to speak. This course deals with research, brainstorming and writing remarks that work for you.

Then there’s the boardroom. How to keep your interest and energy up so that your argument persuades? The tips and tricks in this course can make the difference between getting invited back or getting stalled in your career.

You’ll be encouraged to rehearse-in the mirror, on audio or video, and in front of friends and colleagues. Non-verbal communication is responsible for 50 to 75% of your impact. This audio course and the companion DVD show you how to achieve full marks for positive body language.

The Original SOCKOs® System CD

This is the original and first SOCKO ® program, just transferred to CD and edited for your use in the car, while exercising or anywhere you can play a CD. Hear about 75 minutes of how the SOCKO ®  system can apply to speaking, writing and presenting, on camera, on mic and on the record.

Strategic-because you thought about it, practiced it and rehearsed it

Overriding-because it’s the big picture, tip of the iceberg and elevator pitch

Communications-simplicity, brevity, clarity, repetition is the key to oral communication

Knowledge-the facts, data, statistics, expressed in an understandable way

Objective-applause, handshake, nodding head, media clip, headline, cutline, picture, lead, sidebar, cutline-you decide and then execute.

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Negotiation War Stories

The Power Of Negotiation

The 20 pound solution. Allan recounts a story of how an acquaintance resolved an employee dispute by treating the tow parties to an afternoon at the pub.

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Negotiation War stories is a series of Podcasts of Allan's insightful commentary into negotiation.

Lemon Law

Episode 16

The Lemon Law. Allan discuses how a good negotiator considers the interests of the parties that are not at the negotiating table in a two parties dispute.

Mystery Of Negotiation

Bixi Bike rental

Episode 1

An intro into how understanding the mysteries of negotiations can benefit you in politics, business and everyday life.

Appearances can be Deceiving

Rust Belt

Episode 7

Allan recounts a tales of how you can't always judge a book by its cover.

More Books By Allan Bonner

Speaking and Writing in Sockos

  Bibliography, 24 pictures, diagrams and illustrations. Perception is reality, but reality is reality too. In the 24/7 media environment where regulatory and legislative scrutiny increases quarterly, the modern manager needs to be ambidextrous—both getting it right and reassuring others that the right thing has been done.

Diagrams and case studies simplify:

• reputation management

• writing for the news media

• organizing your thoughts

• handling tough questions

• why some risks lead to negative results while others are ignored

Doing and Saying the Right Thing

Bibliography, 24 pictures, diagrams and illustrations
Perception is reality, but reality is reality too. In the 24/7 media environment where regulatory and legislative scrutiny increases quarterly, the modern manager needs to be ambidextrous—both getting it right and reassuring others that the right thing has been done.
Diagrams and case studies simplify:
• reputation management
• writing for the news media
• organizing your thoughts
• handling tough questions
• why some risks lead to negative results while others are ignored

“…starting with the legions of public relations and communications
professionals…they should treat Mr. Bonner’s book like a religious
text and return to it again and again for guidance.”

-Mark Entwistle
Former Press Secretary to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney,
The Hill Times

“It all comes down to messaging and THE SOCKO ® SYSTEM is the best single volume I have read on how to get your message across as well as what pitfalls we can avoid.”

-Colin Robertson
Advocacy Minister and Head of the Washington Secretariat,
Embassy of Canada

“I consider myself fortunate to have benefited from being trained in the
SOCKO method by Allan Bonner and his team. My training occurred just after
my appointment as Canada’s chief negotiator for the North American Free
Trade Agreement… The common sense SOCKO ® approach allowed me to think
much more clearly about how to communicate, and I am convinced led to a
better result both for the Government and the Media and their Audience.”

-John M. Weeks
Senior Business Advisor, Bennett Jones LLP,
Ottawa Canada

​The 24-hour news cycle demands clear, concise written, verbal and visual presentation skills.
The Allan Bonner Media ​Training Course will enable you identify, prepare, and deliver your key messages – quickly, effectively, and with confidence.

For immediate assistance preparing for a media encounter​ call 416-888-8540

crisis management services landing page

A crisis is a turning point – for better or worse – successfully handling a crisis demands refined skills, an inventory of assets, and quick responses.
The Allan Bonner Crisis Management Course will prepare you to respond in a way that reduces uncertainty, manages risk, and accelerates a return to normal operations.

For immediate assistance in responding to a crisis call 416-888-8540

Featured products from Allan Bonner Communication Management

The Best of the Best:

We’ve taken the most important chapters, case studies, checklists and turned them into an easily downloadable PDF book.  

Plus you will receive over an hour of audio and video downloads.    $29.99

​​Speaking, Writing and Presenting in SOCKOs®​

​Learn how to communicate using clear, short, effective ​messages.

Realize the ​value of five-minute meetings, one sentence directions and one-page briefing notes.​​   $29.99

​Mieux vaut prévenir

Ce livre est une vraie bible en matière de gestion de crise.

Avec ses quelque 100 listes de vérification, ses diagrammes, ses graphiques, ses tableaux, ses formulaires et ses documents préécrits, voilà le guide dont vous avez besoin pour accompagner votre plan de gestion de crise.   $29.95

​Cyber City Safe

Emergency Planning Beyond the Maginot Line

Presents a comprehensive vision of a safer urban future through big data, innovative technology and green energy solutions.​   $34.95

An Ounce of Prevention

With more than 100 checklists, diagrams, charts, tables, forms and pre-written documents, this is the comprehensive guide to a crisis plan that you need. Conversational prose makes complex concepts in risk and crisis management easily accessible. Case studies and anecdotes from real-life incidents remind readers of the dos and don’ts of crisis management. When you hear the expression, “He wrote the book on crisis management”-this is the book. This book had its origins in the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Dr. Bonner had trained responders who went to Alaska and was then commissioned to design and execute major oil spills for the oil industry and coast guard on both coasts of North America. Seeing that their crisis plans were not adequate, clients then commissioned new plans from scratch. This plan has been polished, re-written, researched and tested in the diplomatic corps, with the military, trade officials, hospitals, police forces, off-shore drilling companies, mining companies and many other high need clients on five continents over 15 years.

This originally sold for $295.00 in 3-ring binders. Now it’s just 10% of that cost because of savings on printing in traditional book form.

-Harvey SchachterThe Globe and Mail

“This book is an excellent piece of work. It is clear, comprehensive and articulate and provides the blueprint for establishing a culture of crisis management awareness, planning and preparation at all levels in an organization. It is a “must-read” for leaders who are serious about dealing effectively with the unexpected.”

-General (Ret’d) Ray HenaultFormer Chief of Defence Staff,former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

“a content rich, solution based presentation that promotes a message vital to the critical incident response community.”

-Detective James T. ShanahanPolice Academy of the City of New York

“…good, solid common sense…the kind of common sense that is regularly ignored…”

-Laurence Foster MScFormer Head of Emergency Planning,Greater Manchester Police Director of Emergency Planning,Sakerhetspartner Norden UK

Most of our publications contain some reference to our unique “SOCKO”™ system. Some books contain newer applications, longer definitions or more examples. Please read thoroughly because the new information will be helpful. But this is why we also provide a complimentary disc–either audio or video to augment your learning experience. We match the disc to your choice of books.

The Bonner Communications Series – Media Relations

This definitive text at several leading Universities and Colleges is journalism in reverse. It demystifies public affairs, starting with examining your news value and working through media lists, press releases, news conferences and keeping reporters coming back for more.

It uses the proven SOCKO ® system for message generation, and takes you through the media venues you may encounter (including when things go wrong):

• sit-downs
• stand-ups
• scrums
• double-enders
• talk shows

Diagrams help you through setting up a media work centre, public affairs room and keeping on top of breaking news. Pictures from inside the major networks and a glossary of media terms get to the details of media skills.

“This is an entertaining, common-sense analysis of the right and wrong ways to deal with the media, by a writer who knows his subject intimately and has the war stories to prove it.”

-Warren Clements
Member of the Editorial Board,
The Globe And Mail

“Bonner has taken the mystery, and I expect the fear, out of media interviews with this informative tome. By telling the reader in no uncertain terms what the reporter expects, he is making our job as a journalist all the easier. It’s a must read for anyone who has to deal with the print, radio or television media.”

-Harold Levy
The Toronto Star

“Allan Bonner’s wide experience as a broadcaster and consultant makes this a valuable handbook to understanding the media. It deals clearly and concisely with everything you need to know when you find yourself in the news spotlight. from organizing the press conference, to getting your message across, to answering the tough questions. Essential and Insightful.”

-Lloyd Robertson
CTV News

The Best of the Best

We’ve taken the most important chapters, case studies, checklists and other material from my books and turned them into an easily downloadable PDF book.  Now you can have the most important communications research compiled over the past 20 years on your desk in minutes.

Plus you will receive audio and video downloads.

These include a half hour network TV special on the SOCKO system—Strategic Overriding Communications and Knowledge Objectives—the most powerful way to think about, write, and deliver messages.

The audio downloads include Public Affairs and Media Training, Speaking of Writing, Speaking and Presentation Skills.  The downloads alone normally retail for up to $75.00—but that was in the hard disc era. We’ve converted to digital and are passing on the saving to you.

There’s no postage – just an instant download!

Le Meilleur des Meilleurs

Nous avons pris les chapitres les plus importants, les études de cas, les listes de contrôle et d’autres documents de mon livre et l’avons transformé en un livre PDF facile à télécharger.
Vous pouvez maintenant avoir sur votre bureau, en quelques minutes, les recherches les plus importantes des 20 dernières années dans le domaine des communications.
De plus, vous recevrez des téléchargements audio et vidéo.  Il s’agit notamment d’une émission spéciale d’une demi-heure sur le système SOCKO – Les communications stratégiques et les objectifs de connaissances – la façon la plus puissante de penser, d’écrire et de transmettre des messages.  Les téléchargements audio comprennent la formation sur les affaires publiques et les médias, la rédaction, la prise de parole et les techniques de présentation.
Les téléchargements se font normalement au détail jusqu’à 75,00 $, mais c’était à l’époque des disques durs. Nous nous sommes convertis au numérique et nous vous transmettons l’épargne.
Il n’y a pas d’affranchissement – juste un téléchargement instantané.