Our Team

Allan leads a small team of responders, advisors, and trainers. They have lived and worked in world capitals and have backgrounds in journalism, law, science, business, urban planning, and education. Among them, they are conversant in a dozen languages and cultures. The advice you receive on writing will come from accomplished authors, including someone who has published 700 articles. Your speech will be written by former speech writers to CEOs and politicians. Your media rehearsal will come from people who have worked on the regional and network programs you may be on. They’ve edited the newspapers which may cover your story. Your social media team has generated a million hits on You tube, hundred of posts in a week during a crisis, and automated hundreds more to be used in case of crisis.

The work this team has done has been reported on in major newspapers in four countries. It is the subject of three network TV specials, and has been written up in journals and academic publications.

They have worked with two Nobel prize winners.