Unfolding Disasters: The Valdez Oil Spill and Other Case Studies DVD




More than twenty years after this major environmental incident, this case study is still core curriculum at colleges, universities and in key-note speeches at conferences. But what really happened in Alaska and what lessons should crisis management professionals take from the event? Dr. Allan Bonner trained some of the responders who handled the event in Prince William Sound, and then ran major simulations in the oil and chemical industry to help prevent the next spill.

Allan has spent hundreds of hours speaking with dozens of responders and reflecting on their experiences of the event. Allan also wrote his MSc thesis on what really happened. This research included a comprehensive review of scientific literature on the effects of oil in water.

This powerful lecture also makes reference to prominent case studies from Europe and North America to show listeners what they may experience in their own event. Better yet, the lecture shows how to prepare for the unforeseen.

This program can be augmented with a half-hour video and 20,000 word written analysis of the event.

How does a risk or a threat become a crisis? What turns a crisis into a disaster? All events are not made the same. Why do some events that have little impact and no loss of life make the news, change legislation and linger in our minds, and other events that had devastating effects come and go and fade from memory?

The best way to find out is with this chronicle of unfolding disasters-the case method of learning from past events. More than two hours of audio narration draws heavily on the Valdez oil spill, in part because the author has been to Alaska and trained workers who responded to the spill there. Allan has also conducted training, wrote crisis plans and ran simulations in the resource sector for 20 years. On this DVD you’ll also hear of many other crises and disasters in order to capture principles and lessons for your own organization.

There are bonus video clips and two very special audio interviews. One is with the late Charles Gaines, Deputy Fire Chief of Oklahoma City who was second on the scene during the bombing. Charles and Allan spoke at a conference in Dubai together and became friends. Allan had Charles visit Toronto and Ottawa to speak with clients, so they could learn from this generous and knowledgeable man.

The other is with Ken Kansas who worked with Exxon for 34 years and was Manager of Communication during the Valdez Oil Spill. Responsible for the Exxon energy pavilion at EPCOT Centre at Disneyworld, known for handling the energy crises in the 1970s, the name change from Esso to Exxon, philanthropy, advertising, the Exxon Energy Cube educational project and attitudinal research. It’s rare to get to speak with a corporate communications professional with this varied experience and a $60 million annual budget.


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