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A crisis is a turning point – for better or worse – successfully handling a crisis demands refined skills, an inventory of assets, and quick responses.

You will be judged not only by the actual event – but by your response to the event.

The time to acquire these skills is long before a crisis.

The Allan Bonner Crisis Management Course will prepare you to respond in a way that reduces uncertainty, manages risk, and accelerates a return to normal operations.

For immediate assistance in responding to a crisis, call 416-888-8540

Crisis Management Course

Type: Instructor-led, individual or group training
Duration: 1-2 days
Format: Formal lecture, group assignments, participation in realistic simulations video-recorded for follow-up analysis
Location: Our learning centre in Toronto or your facility
Attendees: Managers of public and private organizations; executives, and spokespersons with risk, security, safety, emergency management, legal, and HR responsibilities.

If you are facing a public controversy–take this course.

“We have been in your shoes. We have helped people overcome the same challenges you will face. We’re on your side. We do care. We want to reduce your stress. We know how.” – Dr. Allan Bonner

You will learn:

  • How to spot an emerging crisis
  • How to prepare a crisis response plan
  • How to manage communications with diverse stakeholders during a crisis
  • Techniques to minimize the disruption, duration, and severity of a crisis event

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Course Description

Each of the following modules will be tailored to your specific risk factors, areas of operations and unique requirements.

Risk Analysis and Management
You will gain an understanding of:

  • The value of preparation for crises and controversies
  • Threat analysis and quantitative risk assessments
  • The fundamentals of business continuity planning

Crisis Management Systems and Planning
You will learn how to:

  • Assemble a Crisis Management Team
  • Pre-determine the internal and external resources required to manage a crisis
  • Use templates, diagrams, checklists, and charts to create a Crisis Management Plan

Crisis and Risk Communication
You will learn:

  • How risk is perceived by different stakeholder groups
  • Basic principles of effective public communication during a crisis
  • To create and deliver concise, meaningful messages that work with regulators, legislators, victims, neighbours, and reporters.

Case Studies
You will study actual disasters that reflect your potential vulnerabilities, for example:

  • Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie, Scotland – Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • 9/11 Emergency Response – Interoperability and communication
  • Lac Megantic – Regulatory and safety systems
  • Space Shuttle Challenger – Political and organizational pressure

Crisis Simulation
Through simulated crises, you will learn how to evaluate your organization’s emergency preparedness, including:

  • How well your team understands their assigned roles
  • How they function as a team
  • If your plan has the flexibility to adapt to various scenarios
  • How to plan and conduct an effective crisis simulation

Additional/optional course modules:
Crisis Negotiation
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Government and Regulatory Relations

Course Materials
All attendees will receive:

  • University-level crisis management textbook An Ounce of Prevention
  • Digital downloads of audio and video resources
  • An archive of checklists, diagrams and operational templates

Crisis Management Professionals

Dr. Allan Bonner and his team are trained, certified, and experienced in responding to broad a range of crisis events.

This is North America’s only team with post-graduate education in risk, crisis and disaster management (MSc), in addition to science, law, political economy, business, and urban planning degrees.

This team has direct on-site experience with a variety of crisis events, including air disasters, death-in-care, inquests, food recalls, allegations of sexual harassment and cyber security breaches.

To enroll now call 416-961-3620
or email us at

Crisis Communication Resources

Now available for purchase…

An Ounce of Prevention
by Dr. Allan Bonner $29.99
Cyber City Safe
by Dr. Allan Bonner $34.95
Tough Love
by Dr. Allan Bonner $29.95

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