Crisis Response

Sexual harassment, criminal charges, wrongful dismissal, mergers & acquisitions, plant closures and media scrutiny are the issues we handle every week.  When we’re called in school abuse cases going back decades, we immediately help with written policies, fact-finding, training and the preparation of public and court defence.  We work with legal counsel to keep our eyes, not only on a court date many months in the future, but also on tomorrow’s potential headlines.  We take effective action in hours.

We’re also in the prevention business–reading and writing a dozen or so crisis plans a year, making organizational messages and testing response-ability.  We can have appropriate written documents in place in ten days!

Take the panic out of a crisis!

We develop customized training and simulations to put risk reduction in place long before a crisis hits. We also respond the minute trouble strikes. Dr. Allan Bonner is the only North American with both 25 years of crisis response experience, and an MSc in Risk and Crisis Management.


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