Our media trainers really worked in the media—radio, TV, print, blogs & podcasts. When we put you through media training to simulate talk radio, it will be with the host of the #2 rated talk show in the country’s largest market. You will also encounter all-news and information morning hosts in your media training session. One of our media trainers wrote countless hourly radio newscasts in the private sector, and in the public sector was regularly heard on Morningside, As It Happens and The National News. That’s realistic media training.

If your media training calls for rehearsal with a print journalist, we have a trainer who began his career with British newspapers and then worked for the largest circulation newspapers in the country. We’ll put newspaper and magazine writers in front of you who have placed hundreds of articles in everything from specialty and industry magazines to big city dailies. In your media training session, you’ll also encounter editorial board members and columnists. We always customize your media training for the media encounters you may face. That’s realistic media training for print.

What is the solution to looking like you’re hiding something? Media training. How will you know where to look in a TV studio, scrum, news conference, double-ender or videographer? Media training. Nervousness makes spokespeople look shifty and even guilty. Media training is the antidote.

TV talk shows sometimes require you to look at other guests, the host, and the camera, depending on who is speaking or whether there is a caller on the line. Media training gets you familiar with what’s expected of you. Also, the camera lens has no peripheral vision. It picks up every facial expression, gesture, and mannerism. Media training shows you how these look on camera and which to use and which to get rid of.

When dealing with print reporters, media training is a must to simulate a one-hour editorial board. Message tracking and bridging will be of little use the third time a reporter asks the same question, but our media training, with former assignment editors, writers, columnists and bureau chiefs will give you the realistic rehearsal you need.

Our media trainers really worked in the media. So, when you have a question about how a newsroom works, what a journalist might ask or how to pitch a story, you’ll get answers from people who know.

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