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Trending on Twitter or viral on YouTube – written-up in the morning paper or interviewed on the evening news — getting your message out to the media has never been more challenging.

The 24-hour news cycle demands clear, concise written, verbal and visual presentation skills.

The Allan Bonner Media Training Course will enable you identify, prepare, and deliver your key messages – quickly, effectively, and with confidence.

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Media Training Course

Type: Instructor-led, individual or group training
Duration: 1-2 days
Format: Formal lecture, instructional video, participation in realistic simulations video-recorded for follow-up analysis
Location: Our studio in Toronto or your facility
Attendees: Managers and leaders of public and private organizations; executives and spokespeople with IR, PR, and GR responsibilities

With a solid foundation of communication strategy and through practical live on-camera rehearsals, you will learn:

  • What the media is looking for and how it operates
  • The elements of an effective communication strategy
  • How to talk through the media to the public
  • To recognize the techniques journalists use – and how to stay on-message no matter how tough the questioning

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Course Description

Each of the following modules will be specifically tailored to your particular requirements.

Media Relations
You will gain an understanding of:

  • The value of good media relations
  • Interview strategies that journalists make use of
  • Response techniques such as key-wording, mirroring, bridging, and refocusing
  • Social media tips and techniques

Communication Strategy
You will learn:

  • To develop an effective strategy for dealing with the media
  • How to create attention-grabbing statements that connect with your audience
  • The difference between issues, SOCKOTM statements, and discussion points

Practical Skills for Audio and Visual Media
You will become a more credible spokesperson by learning:

  • Microphone and camera-friendly presentation techniques
  • How to paint a picture with words
  • How to use non-verbal communication to reinforce your message

Note: Your performances will be recorded for analysis and feedback. You will receive a copy of your video and audio work for private review afterwards.

Realistic Simulations
An essential element in training is doing.

You will gain confidence in your ability to deal with the media by preparing and delivering appropriate messages in a series of mock interviews, including:

  • TV, radio and podcast talk shows – with simulated call-in questioners
  • Stand-up one-on-one and scrum encounters
  • Double-ender and single-videographer interviews
  • Formal news conferences and editorial board interviews

Note: These performances will also be recorded.

Additional/optional course modules
Writing for Media
Political Candidate Boot Camp

Course Materials
All attendees will receive:

  • University-level textbook, Media Relations
  • Digital downloads of audio and video resources
  • A workbook for use during the course
  • A video archive of each individual’s recorded performance

Media Training Professionals

Dr. Allan Bonner and his team are experienced journalists, with decades of experience in TV, radio and print media.

They’ve been interviewed on NBC Nightly News, PBS, NPR, CBS, France 24, BBC, Radio New Zealand, CNBC Europe – published in the Vancouver Province, Calgary Herald, Regina Leader Post, Winnipeg Free Press, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, National Post, and Ottawa Citizen.

Their resumés include:

  • Host of the #2 rated radio show in Canada’s largest market
  • Host of numerous regional morning shows
  • Writer and anchor of 20/20 news
  • Anchor of The National News (CBC)
  • Foreign correspondent for two American radio networks

To enroll now call 416-961-3620
or email us at

Media Training Resources

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Media Relations
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Speaking, Writing and Presenting
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