Who makes breakfast? Whose turn is it to drive? Dishes, dinner, movies, and TV shows—all these little things in life can be the subject of negotiation. If not, you’re in a dispute, and the situation can escalate.

Negotiation and dispute resolution is increasingly important in a complex world. Done deals can fail without taking into account the needs of “non-table participants”—that is the affected parties who aren’t sitting at the negotiating table. These could be legislators, regulators, or neighbors. In industrial relations, it could be the union membership that scuttles a deal. In all cases it could be reporters, lobby groups, NGOs, or others.

Sales and customer service is a negotiation. Research tells us that the customer is rarely more satisfied than at the moment of purchase. Why? Reality can rarely measure up to the imagined benefits of the product or service. That’s why the negotiation continues after the sale. This is sometimes called customer service, but it may also be dispute resolution if not handled properly.








Which are you selling? Which is your negotiating partner prepared to buy? What is the difference among these three important elements in a negotiation or sale? Our customized sales, negotiation and dispute resolution courses lead you through these proven concepts. We also work with Pareto’s optimization chart to show how both sides can get more through creative bargaining.

We’ve helped:

  • the NAFTA negotiating team,
  • unions in jurisdiction-wide strikes,
  • mediations in front of retired Supreme Court justices,
  • disputes in front of the US Justice Department,
  • WTO negotiators,
  • senior trade negotiators on five continents,
  • peacekeepers whose lives depend on effective negotiations.

We’ve helped launch some of the world’s best known brands. Then we help the sales team with messages and techniques that make their negotiations go more smoothly. We’ve also helped in product recall, faulty products, and food safety issues. All these matters involve negotiations with affect parties.

Our primary course leader achieved certification at Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation and was awarded an LLM in Alternate Dispute Resolution from Osgoode Hall Law School.

Drive a better bargain. Take our negotiating and dispute resolution course. It’s customized and augmented with the text, “Tough Love at the Table—Power, Culture and Diversity in Negotiations, Mediation & Conflict Resolution”. Course participants can also receive an audio and video download for private study.

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