A winning campaign might count on how you knock on doors, hand out a pamphlet, make a phone call, or shake hands. Politics can be a game of inches. We’ve helped a dozen heads of government and four dozen cabinet ministers get elected and stay elected. We’ve run candidates’ colleges for five hundred politicians.

Here’s what we cover:

The stump speech

How to stay interested and keep your audience interested while sticking to the script. Gestures, body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and the nuances of language can make or break a candidate.

Fundraisers & coffee parties

The manners of mingling. Candidates must never mingle alone. Politicians must never eat in public unless it’s a taste of the hosts’ cuisine or an ethnic dish being forced on you. The only thing that should be in your hands is other hands or business cards—not snacks. Eye contact must be maintained. A staffer must be there to take notes and break off the conversation.

Here’s what else we cover:

  • The photo opportunity or plant tour
  • Canvass at the plant gate, bus stop, subway or garbage dump
  • Door to door canvass
  • The all candidates’ debate
  • Getting and maintaining media attention, or staying out of the limelight
  • Polls and focus groups
  • The campaign office

Our Candidates’ College curriculum is augmented with the text Political Columns and the appropriate audio and video digital download for your campaign team.

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