“The board wants a presentation…”

“I have to make a presentation to Executive Committee…”

“You’ll need to present this to the management group…”

The Importance of a Good Presentation

These requests for a presentation can help launch or sink a career.

Your presentation can cause senior executives to notice your work—for better or worse. The trouble is that you may not get honest feedback. All you may know is that you are never invited back to make a second presentation.

Having great presentation skills is like dressing for success. It’s the price of entry to more senior positions. With great presentation skills, you get the ear of senior management.

Regrettably, even senior executives often throw their PowerPoint presentation together the night before. They go on road shows to motivate the troops and end up confusing workers.


Great presentations begin with clear messages, rehearsal and a dedication to achieving a behavioral result.

The result might be agreement, a vote by the board or a different style of work on the shop floor. But if there isn’t a clear, understandable objective to your presentation—you won’t achieve anything clear and understandable.

Great presentation skills involve recognizance. You must visit the room in which you will present and get used to the acoustics and layout. You need to practice controlled and purposeful movement during your presentation, and the smooth operation of equipment.

Great presentation skills involve not just controlling nervousness, but harnessing it for your use. Eye contact, gestures and body language can all make or break your presentation. We video you in action, analyze the results and give you homework for private study.

Our presentation skills course is augmented by a textbook, workbook, digital audio and video downloads and customized diagrams and checklists to keep your presentation on track.

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