You know the old joke—public speaking is the #1 fear among North American adults. Death is #7. So, if you’re gong to a funeral, are you really better off in the casket than delivering the eulogy? We don’t think so.

Our clients have to speak very will in public. We provided comprehensive public speaking courses for about 1500 top international diplomats on five continents. The world’s press hang on their every word. A false statement can cause a diplomatic incident and hundreds of hours of staff work to fix. But our public speaking course has kept these valued clients safe.

Public speaking may involve a podium or platform, a microphone in a large auditorium or a round table discussion. Effective public speaking is a function of eye contact, gestures, body language, vocal quality and the speech content. We work on all these details. We video your performance and analyze your skills. We provide you with your own personal video of your training session.

Our public speaking course is augmented with a textbook, workbook, companion half-hour audio and video digital downloads with diagrams and checklists for private study.

Control nervousness…develop clear messages…be a great public speaker.

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