Risk Management

Risk analysis and management is what you do long before an incident happens. The military call it a threat analysis or an appreciation. Some call it loss prevention. What kind of loss? Any kind. We’ll look at anything that could damage your reputation, your inventory, your employees or your bank book. Better yet, we’ll show you how to respond. Because the issues may be highly technical and the fears aroused quite irrational, communicating risk information to a lay audience needs special techniques.

We customize courses – individual and group training sessions – to your specific risk factors, area of interest and special requirements. We also consult on site on five continents. We use a combination of lecture, discussion, case study, audio-visual source materials and practical on-camera training. We help you to maintain a positive image with your various publics, to anticipate potential problems and have an effective plan in place to lessen risk.

This course is augmented with a textbook, workbook, 90 minute audio course and a 30 minute video course.

Day 1
9:00 am Risk Analysis vs Risk Communication
9:15 am The Principles
framing & signalling
9:30 am SOCKOs ®
Strategic Overriding Communications and Knowledge Objectives
9:45 am Constructing risk messages
thinking & speaking in headlines
speaking for the ear
10:00 am Three simulations with video feedback
simple clear messages
picturing the message
non-verbal messsages
10:15 am Refreshments
10:30 am Analysis of video performance
11:30 am Video
What never to do as a spokesperson
12:15 pm Lunch
(optional working lunch with video)
12:45 pm Instructional Video
1:30 pm Special Topic – Reputation Management
why risk communication must succeed
1:45 pm Q & A Pitfalls & their anitdotes
2:15 pm Spokesperson Simulations and video analysis
3:15 pm Risk Data
by gender, region, & issue
3;45 pm Simulations Continued
4:40 pm Discussions


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