Testifying is a skill.

 In the end, the witness who tells the most plausible and compelling story often sways opinion best.

Witness preparation goes back hundreds of years to “horsesheding” – taking a client out to the horse shed for a little practice before meeting the judge and jury. It’s only prudent.

Today, we have a much nicer facility than a horse shed. We also use the knowledge gained over the past decades from the fields of psychology, law, risk communication, risk perception, and brain science to make your testimony more effective.

We’ve helped successful witnesses who have appeared in front of:

  • The Federal Court,
  • the US Justice Department,
  • Supreme Court Justices,
  • Speaker’s Board of Internal Economy,
  • City councils,
  • the Legislation and Licensing Committee,
  • Estimates Committee of the Legislature,
  • Senate Committees,
  • Royal Commissions,
  • Public inquiries and many other tribunals.
  • the Energy Board


In administrative matters, we’ve helped witnesses gain approval for some of the largest energy projects in the world.

How We Help You

  • We customize our witness preparation program to suit the venue in which you will appear.
  • We draw on hundreds of peer-reviewed studies and hundreds of cases to provide you with the best advice on how judges, juries and tribunals will react to your body language, eye contact, vocal quality, exhibits and facts.
  • We augment our course with the appropriate readings, textbook and companion DVDs and CDs.

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