“I’ve got writers’ block…”

“I’m going to set aside some time later in the week to do that writing…”

“I just wasn’t inspired to write today…”

“I need to be motivated to do a good job of writing”

These are not uncommon phrases around the modern office. But we can’t imagine a farmer, military person or shoe maker using these excuses for not getting down to business. We don’t think there’s such a thing as “farmers’ block” and we are skeptical about writers’ block—especially in business writing.

Writing is just another skill that can be learned. A blank page never became good writing. But a page of writing can become much better through editing and proofreading. We are all better editors than writers. So, the task is to get something on the computer screen and get editing.


But where to begin?

Our writing course takes you through proven techniques borrowed from journalism, creative writing, and academic writing. We use diagrams and checklists to help you decide where to start writing, how to expose your subject and how to tie it all together. We have decision making criteria to help you determine what’s important and what can be edited out.

Two of our course leaders are published authors and all have made their livings writing. We use guest speakers who have written hundreds of feature articles for specialty magazines, accomplished business writers and journalists who have written for radio and TV.

Letters, reports, memos, performance appraisals, email, web-writing, blog writing, and all kinds of other writing are required every day. Make your writing tasks go more quickly and achieve better results.

Each writing course is customized to meeting the specific needs of clients. We choose the appropriate textbook, workbook and support materials including our audio and video digital downloads and customized diagrams and checklists.

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