We’re former journalists, political aids, scientists and lawyers. We want your statements to have impact with reporters, estimates committees, regulatory bodies and in the courts. The term SOCKO® captures the idea of impact.

Crisis Management Training

A crisis is a turning point for better or worse. We are trained and certified to increase the likelihood your crisis will be less severe, or even help make things better in the long run.

Crisis Response

Sexual harassment, criminal charges, wrongful dismissal, mergers & acquisitions, plant closures and media scrutiny are the issues we handle every week.

Customized Distance Education

We’ve helped busy people for 20 years on four continents. We know it’s sometimes hard to set aside a day or two to get the training you need.

Dispute Resolution

Negotiation, mediation and early neutral intervention (ENI) can turn pain into progress. In business, organizational and personal disputes, we focus on the common interests all sides... 

Media Training

Our media trainers really worked in the media—radio, TV, print, blogs & podcasts. When we put you through media training to simulate talk radio, it will be with the host of the #2 rated talk show in the country’s largest market.

Presentation Skills

Requests for a presentation can help launch or sink a career. Your presentation can cause senior executives to notice your work—for better or worse. The trouble is that you may not get honest feedback. All you may know is that you are never invited back to make a second presentation.

Meeting Management

Some of us remember before the time that a work day mainly consisted of meetings. Now, meetings have such a bad reputation that the term itself implies a lack of productivity. Almost everyone can remember being in a meeting and not knowing why.

Negotiation Training

Negotiation and dispute resolution is increasingly important in a complex world. Done deals can fail without taking into account the needs of “non-table participants”—that is the affected parties who aren’t sitting at the negotiating table.

Public Relations

The inside of a newsroom is a very special place, not well understood by most people. Our consultants have spent many years in big city newspapers, local TV, network news programs, national radio and the major news bureaus in Washington, New York, London, Moscow and Toronto.

Risk Management

Risk analysis and management is what you do long before an incident happens. The military call it a threat analysis or an appreciation. Some call it loss prevention. What kind of loss? Any kind. We’ll look at anything that could damage your reputation...

Witness Preparation

Testifying is a skill. In the end, the witness who tells the most plausible and compelling story often sways opinion best. Witness preparation goes back hundreds of years to “horsesheding” – taking a client out to the horse shed for a little practice before meeting the judge and jury.

Writing Training

Writing is just another skill that can be learned. A blank page never became good writing. But a page of writing can become much better through editing and proofreading. We are all better editors than writers. So, the task is to get something on the computer screen and get editing.