Today in History: January 8th

2011: U.S. congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others are shot near Tucson, Arizona. Six die including a judge and a 9-year-old child, and Giffords is seriously wounded.

2008: The New Hampshire primary of the US Presidential race takes place.

Political Conventions – The Smell of the Greasepaint

1780: An earthquake hits Tabriz, Iran, killing about 200,000 people.

An Ounce of Prevention: Earthquake Simulation

Today in History: January 5th

2003: British police arrest six suspects in London under suspicion of manufacturing ricin for use in an intended terrorist attack on the London Underground. See also A Ticket to Ride (Planning for Security and Safety)9/11

1972: American President Richard Nixon orders the development of a space shuttle program.  See also Canada in Space

1957: In a speech to the United States Congress, President Dwight D. Eisenhower announces the establishment of a set of policies later to be called the Eisenhower Doctrine. Buy Political Conventions