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Doing and Saying the Right Thing
Professional Risk and Crisis Management Sextant Publishing, 2004 ISBN 0-9731134-1-3 Bibliography, 24 pictures, diagrams and illustrations Perception is reality, but[...]
Speaking, Writing and Presenting In SOCKOS – E-Book
Speaking is the #1 fear among North American adults. Twenty percent of all business communication is designed to clear up[...]
The Bonner Business Series – Media Relations
   This definitive text at several leading Universities and Colleges is journalism in reverse. It demystifies public affairs, starting with examining your[...]
Wounded Leaders: How Their Damaged Past Affects Your Future
Why are we in a leadership crisis? Up to 85% of mergers and acquisitions destroy value, executives are in jail,[...]


People and Society Need Safety

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani gets a lot of credit for cleaning up his city.  The former Democrat, Independent and perhaps now still Republican became famous as the US Attorney who facilitated a long stay at the Grey Bar Hotel for John Gotti, the Teflon Don.   For sure, crime is down, litter is in the trash bin, Times Square is no longer seedy, and so on. [...]

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Triage in the Emergency Planning Department

Many of us have been in the emergency room of a hospital with parents, kids or for ourselves.  We appreciate fast action and competence.  What wouldn't be helpful is a discussion with the nurse about where that person went to school, the professional designation (BN, RN, BScN), where the nurse parks, what committee's s/he's on and so on.  We just want fast and good nursing, [...]

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Conscription if Necessary, but not Necessarily Conscription

An equivocating Canadian politician, Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King, was asked about the divisive issue of conscription.  French and English Canadians didn’t see eye to eye on the issue, leading up to World War II.Kind famously said “Conscription if necessary, but not necessarily conscription” or words to that effect to reassure French Canadians that eve [...]

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An Unsavory Lot

If only I'd known Michelle Daley and Chris Rissel a few years back, I could have saved them some time and money. They studied whether images of cycling promoted or discouraged cycling.They must have stopped the presses at the journal "Transport Policy" in which the researchers' wrote that "icycle couriers were viewed least favourably." Moreover, considering that only single [...]

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The SOCKO System


SOCKOs® are Strategic Overriding Communications and Knowledge Objectives. We invented this acronym because terms such as ace, pressline, key message mssion, vision and value statements don't convey what we want in a message. Qs & As make you question, are not message driven , take too much time and sometimes the question reveals confidential information.