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Doing and Saying the Right Thing
Professional Risk and Crisis Management Sextant Publishing, 2004 ISBN 0-9731134-1-3 Bibliography, 24 pictures, diagrams and illustrations Perception is reality, but[...]
Speaking, Writing and Presenting In SOCKOS – E-Book
Speaking is the #1 fear among North American adults. Twenty percent of all business communication is designed to clear up[...]
The Bonner Business Series – Media Relations
   This definitive text at several leading Universities and Colleges is journalism in reverse. It demystifies public affairs, starting with examining your[...]
Wounded Leaders: How Their Damaged Past Affects Your Future
Why are we in a leadership crisis? Up to 85% of mergers and acquisitions destroy value, executives are in jail,[...]


A Footnote to the 20th Century

I was having a discussion with an urban planner that didn't involve wild gestures and clenched fists. Both of us were calm, but I did manage to push a few of his buttons.What did I do? Shooting fish in a barrel really. Actually, shooting bicycles in a barrel. I didn't even have to criticize bicycles, I just said I was not enthused and didn't see bikes playing much of a role [...]

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What we can learn from the Drummonds Mill Fire

As I sat down to write about Bradford's emergency preparedness plan, I saw on BBC news that a fire had broken out at Drummonds Mill. High levels of carbon monoxide were released into the air. According to the BBC about 100 houses have been evacuated as a precautionary measure, and 100 firefighters were still tackling the fire as I was writing. So a discussion o [...]

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Cargo Bikes

If only I'd known Michelle Daley and Chris Rissel a few years back, I could have saved them some time and money. They studied whether images of cycling promoted or discouraged cycling.They must have stopped the presses at the journal "Transport Policy" in which the researchers' wrote that "icycle couriers were viewed least favourably." Moreover, considering that only single [...]

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Transit blues

"Are you going to cash your welfare check?" asked my dear friends in a western Canadian city when I told them I'd be arriving at their house party by cab. You see cabs are only for the very poor who manage their money and time poorly.But for me, I don't want to navigate unfamiliar roads, get stuck in bad weather or drive after drinking. In fact, being driven is a bit of a s [...]

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Courses From The Bonner School

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  • Crisis Management
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  • Research & Writing
  • Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
  • The Socko System

Speaking and Presentation

Speaking and Presentation Training

Duration: 4 Weeks

Public speaking is the number #1 fear of North Americans. Professionals from different industries and all age groups share this fear of blundering an important presentation to board members, or forgetting the words of their speech in front of stakeholders. This fear is pretty common. The good news is that you can manage this fear and improve as a speaker if you work at it.