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Risk & crisis communication and response to events:

Allan was the first North American and still the only Canadian with a post-graduate degree in this field from Leicester University—the only university in the world with full post-graduate programs in Risk and Crisis Communications.  Fifty percent of our time is spent writing and reviewing emergency plans and responding to incidents

Negotiation and dispute resolution:

Allan is certified from MIT/Tufts/Harvard’s Program on Negotiation and Dealing with an Angry Public. In addition, Allan’s Master’s in Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School is in negotiation and dispute resolution. Allan can add value to stakeholder relations and internal negotiations with staff.

Allan has worked on strikes in multiple jurisdictions, national grievance procedures, and played small roles in large mergers and acquisitions, with our NAFTA negotiating team, and trade negotiators on five continents.

Media training:

Allan was an early practitioner in the media training field. He has conducted up to 180 sessions per year for 30 years on five continents. Participants have included some of the highest need and high profile people in the world—our NAFTA negotiators, 100 cabinet ministers, and hundreds of CXOs on five continents. With his background in journalism, and work for CBC Saskatchewan and CJME, he brings unique qualifications to this project.

Allan worked his way through graduate school as a journalist at the local and network levels in Canada and the US.


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Courses From

The Bonner School

  • Speaking & Presentation
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Training
  • Research & Writing
  • Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
  • The Socko System

Crisis Management

crisiws management

The biggest blunders in crisis management are not easily forgotten by the media and the public. On the other hand, organizations are often revered for their appropriate and agile emergency responses. As a company it is hard to shake off bad history, but it is exceptionally easy to leverage good history to your advantage. A small investment of your time now can save you from future untold reputational damages.

Books and Videos

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