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Safer Cities of the Future
This book is shocking. It documents the "fantasy" emergency plans that rely on wishful thinking, non-existent private cars and with[...]
Speaking, Writing and Presenting In SOCKOS
Speaking is the #1 fear among North American adults. Twenty percent of all business communication is designed to clear up[...]
An Ounce of Prevention
With more than 100 check lists, diagrams, charts, tables, forms and per-written documents, this is the comprehensive guide to a crisis plan[...]
Wounded Leaders: How Their Damaged Past Affects Your Future
Why are we in a leadership crisis? Up to 85% of mergers and acquisitions destroy value, executives are in jail,[...]


Hot Enough for You?

It’s an ill wind that blows no good and all that.  The warming trend will allow for longer growing seasons in some locations, reduced snow removal budgets elsewhere, and the sale of parkas will go down, one assumes.  But there will also be ill effects and that’s my specialty. We forget some of the accommodations we’ll have to make, but the writers of Boston’s emerg [...]

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Mechanized Nuttiness and Wastes of Time

I’m not sure when information became garbage.  It probably coincided with the invention of the Internet.  You can find out anything, including things that don’t mean anything.      What’s called the obligation to technology makes this worse.  If we can measure it and calculate it, we feel we should do so, regardless of the benefit or waste of time.   Nuttine [...]

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You’re Going The Wrong Way!

  Those of us who live in the Centre of the Universe (Toronto) have our complaints about the local transit authority.  The Toronto Transit Commission runs squeaky light rail trams which they call street cars.  This term may be used to distinguish these street cars from the off-road variety, which don’t exist anywhere in the world.   My main route is a few stops [...]

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The Problem With New Technology

Here’s the problem with the relentless pace of technological development.  We aren’t using the new technology.  Alvin Toffler tried to show that futuristic developments sprang upon us in a shocking way, sooner than we thought they would.  Hence his term and book title, “Future Shock.”  He was right, about 30 years after his prediction. There’s a lag in the impl [...]

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The SOCKO System


SOCKOs® are Strategic Overriding Communications and Knowledge Objectives. We invented this acronym because terms such as ace, pressline, key message mssion, vision and value statements don't convey what we want in a message. Qs & As make you question, are not message driven , take too much time and sometimes the question reveals confidential information.