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Wounded Leaders: How Their Damaged Past Affects Your Future

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Ounce of prevention - Book
An Ounce of Prevention

Risk perception, Dispute resolution, Risk communication, Positive body language, Risk analysis and Clear and safe communication.

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Dr Allan Bonner appeared on network television in North America and Europe, including CBS, CTV, NBC, ABC, CNBC Europe, PBS, NPR, CBC and Global. He has trained thousands of professionals. Sign up today!

  • Crisis Management Training

    1 A crisis is a turning point for better or worse. We are trained and certified to increase the likelihood your crisis will be less severe, or even help make things better in the long run. A crisis is a rapidly moving and changing event that taxes your response capabilities to their limits. You will need all the assets, people and skills you have and will need to procure new assets and skills very quickly.

    Crisis management defends your reputation. Legislators, regulators, neighbours and all stakeholders start to question whether the underpinnings of “the system” work. In a crisis, the system includes your approaches, policies and procedures, laws, ethics, codes of conduct and more.

    Effective crisis management and crisis response recognizes that the event you experience may be one crisis, but the more severe potential crisis is just how you handled that event.

    Our crisis simulations test emergency preparedness. Our crisis management plans contains dozens of checklists, diagrams and bullet points to remind you of the skills you’ll need in a crisis. Some call this business resumption planning or business continuation plans. Some call it contingency planning.

    For us, sixty per cent of our business is responding to incidents as they happen—and we call this crisis management. The other fourty per cent of our business is prevention—and we call this risk management or crisis prevention.

    Dr. Allan Bonner, our founder, was the first North American to be awarded a Masters degree in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management form the only university in the world to offer such a program—Leicester in the UK. His training is in systems theory, quantitative risk assessment (QRA), risk engineering and the case method.

    If you’re in crisis, we’ll start the minute you call. If you want a crisis plan customized, we’ll have a draft for you in two weeks. We need a month to plan a good simulation. Whatever your needs, call before your crisis hits.

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  • Media Relations

    2The inside of a newsroom is a very special place, not well understood by most people. Our consultants have spent many years in big city newspapers, local TV, network news programs, national radio and the major news bureaus in Washington, New York, London, Moscow and Toronto. We know what will generate publicity and what probably won’t. We won’t waste your time and money trying to make something newsworthy that really isn’t.

    Sometimes called free media, sometime earned media, placement in the news columns and on newscasts can have a great effect on your business. But you can also waste a lot of time seeking publicity in the wrong way. We will council you on media lists, news release writing, the pitch, what else to send to journalists, how to keep assignment editors coming back to you and how to be an efficient spokesperson in 8 seconds or 8 minutes.

    We’ve been interviewed by The New York Times, CNBC Europe, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, The Toronto Star, New York 1, BBC, CBC, Global, NBC Nightly News, PBS, NPR, Radio New Zealand, L’Agence France Presse, Newsworld and countless local newspapers and stations. We know what will generate media coverage and publicity.

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