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Wounded Leaders: How Their Damaged Past Affects Your Future

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Ounce of prevention - Book
An Ounce of Prevention

Risk perception, Dispute resolution, Risk communication, Positive body language, Risk analysis and Clear and safe communication.

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  • Crisis Management Training


    A crisis is a turning point for better or worse. We are trained and certified to increase the likelihood your crisis will be less severe, or even help make things better in the long run. A crisis is a rapidly moving and changing event that taxes your response capabilities to their limits. You will needContinue Reading

  • Media Relations


    The inside of a newsroom is a very special place, not well understood by most people. Our consultants have spent many years in big city newspapers, local TV, network news programs, national radio and the major news bureaus in Washington, New York, London, Moscow and Toronto. We know what will generate publicity and what probablyContinue Reading

  • Debates – The Eyes Have It‏


    Debates are in the news and will be for a while. We’ve had 30 or so in Toronto during the civic election and more to come. There’s a controversy about whether to include fringe candidates and whether the leading candidates are to be blamed for occasionally refusing to attend a debate. We’ll have more ofContinue Reading

  • Media Relations – Gentlemen of the Press


    “Gentlemen of the press” the man said as he walked into the CHSJ Radio and TV newsroom in Saint John, New Brunswick. This was decades ago when I was a university student and writing news in the summers and on weekends. The great Jack Pineo read the six o’clock news which I wrote. He wasContinue Reading