Are You Prepared for an Emergency?  

Emergency Preparedness Month in the US is in September, and I've put together a comprehensive package of preparedness books, podcasts, and videos to help you--at a discount of more than 50%...  

Here's my discounted package for Emergency Preparedness Month:

  1. Cyber City Safe $34.95

  2. Safer Cities of the Future $34.95

  3. An Ounce of Prevention $29.95

  4. The Interactive Ounce of Prevention disc $39.95

  5. Unfolding Disasters audio podcast $29.90 value

  6. Risk and Crisis Management--the half-hour network TV special for Learning Television $14.95

  7. Negotiation and Dispute Resolution -- the half-hour network TV special for Learning Television $29.95
    A $211.60 value for  $99.99


Order this discounted package today, and your podcasts and video will be on its way to you immediately.  

Plus, we'll pay the postage anywhere in North America for the books.  
Use the promo code USPreparedness