​The 24-hour news cycle demands clear, concise written, verbal and visual presentation skills.
The Allan Bonner Media ​Training Course will enable you identify, prepare, and deliver your key messages – quickly, effectively, and with confidence.

For immediate assistance preparing for a media encounter​ call 416-888-8540

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A crisis is a turning point – for better or worse – successfully handling a crisis demands refined skills, an inventory of assets, and quick responses.
The Allan Bonner Crisis Management Course will prepare you to respond in a way that reduces uncertainty, manages risk, and accelerates a return to normal operations.

For immediate assistance in responding to a crisis call 416-888-8540

Featured products from Allan Bonner Communication Management

The Best of the Best:

We’ve taken the most important chapters, case studies, checklists and turned them into an easily downloadable PDF book.  

Plus you will receive over an hour of audio and video downloads.    $29.99

​​Speaking, Writing and Presenting in SOCKOs®​

​Learn how to communicate using clear, short, effective ​messages.

Realize the ​value of five-minute meetings, one sentence directions and one-page briefing notes.​​   $29.99

​Mieux vaut prévenir

Ce livre est une vraie bible en matière de gestion de crise.

Avec ses quelque 100 listes de vérification, ses diagrammes, ses graphiques, ses tableaux, ses formulaires et ses documents préécrits, voilà le guide dont vous avez besoin pour accompagner votre plan de gestion de crise.   $29.95

​Cyber City Safe

Emergency Planning Beyond the Maginot Line

Presents a comprehensive vision of a safer urban future through big data, innovative technology and green energy solutions.​   $34.95