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Speaking is the #1 fear among North American adults. Twenty percent of all business communication is designed to clear up the confusion that the last piece of business communication created. Allan is passionate about solving these serious business problems with clear, short, effective communication. As a consultant to international diplomats in world capitals, Allan learned the value of five-minute meetings, one sentence directions and one-page briefing notes. In his work with the military, he learned how clear communication protects lives and unclear messages can result in death. With chapters on witness preparation, sales, negotiation, media, public speaking and internal presentations, this is a comprehensive guide for anyone who must direct others or ask for help in writing or verbally—and that’s everybody.

“Whether you are today’s Cicero or facing your first time behind a podium, Allan Bonner can enhance your performance.”

-Ambassador Kenneth D. TaylorCanada’s Former Ambassador to Iran and Consul General in New York,Chancellor of Victoria University

“Anyone who has to communicate with the public — and these days, who doesn’t? — will profit from this practical, comprehensive work.”

-Aram Bakshian, Jr.Director of Speechwriting for President Ronald Reagan and Editor of “American Speaker”

“…writing and speaking well are crafts that few are adequately taught. Allan’s book demystifies … while presenting a pragmatic and logical approach to the processes of communication. Exhaustive in scope, the book is peppered with insightful and engaging asides and is a remarkably accessible and valuable guide … “

-Kenneth Bell, MAJournalist; Lecturer in CommunicationsUniversity of Regina

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CD/DVD, eBook, Hard Copy

1 review for Speaking, Writing and Presenting In SOCKOs®

  1. Dale Johnson

    Speechwriter, journalist, University Lecturer in communications
    “With lots of stories and examples, this book is invaluable … essential for any professional writer – and anyone from any field who wants to communicate more effectively.”

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