Cyber City Safe

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“Cyber City Safe: Emergency Planning Beyond the Maginot Line presents a comprehensive vision of a safer urban future through big data, technology and greenery.

Cyber City Safe shines a spotlight on the ways everyone’s actions – no matter if they’re conducted online or while in public or ‘private’ spaces – are being collected and housed somewhere.

The authors show how big data, wisely used with human oversight, can make a safer city.”

Anil Anand, from a review in Troy Media

1 review for Cyber City Safe

  1. David Potts, BA (Cape Town), LLB (Dalhousie), LLM (Osgoode Hall)

    Defamation Cyber Libel Barrister Toronto, Co-author of Canadian Libel Practice and Canadian Libel and Slander Actions, author of Cyberlibel: Information Warfare in the 21st century and Potts on Cyberlibel
    Allan is a unique blend of polymath and disciplined conceptual strategist harnessed to a practical can-do spirit

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