Wounded Leaders: How Their Damaged Past Affects Your Future

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Why are we in a leadership crisis? Up to 85% of mergers and acquisitions destroy value, executives are in jail, economies are shaky and politics isn’t providing answers.
This new book provides answers. Based on my doctoral research and work with leaders on 5 continents for 25 years, I also draw on my experiences teaching and learning in a Karate Dojo. You will find out why leaders fail and what can be done about it a blend of Eastern and Western approaches.

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2 reviews for Wounded Leaders: How Their Damaged Past Affects Your Future

  1. Dr. Joseph C. Braun

    Argonne Nuclear laboratory
    “… astute observation, involvement, and critical, scholarly thinking on the very practical matter of why businesses fail to meet their goals.”

  2. Aram Bakshian, Jr.

    Founding Editor of American Speaker and Director of Presidential Speech-writing for Ronald Reagan
    “Forceful, insightful and practical… and, on top of that, a very good read.”

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