Political Conventions

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Launched in honor of President Obama’s inaugural, this book was written during the most remarkable political season in American history. The author visited all major presidential campaign offices in New York and New Hampshire, attended the presidential debates and was a commentator for PBS and National Public Radio. Allan also attended the historic Democratic convention and toured most presidential libraries.

3 reviews for Political Conventions

  1. D. Arnie Arnesen

    New Hampshire Gubernatorial Candidate
    “a pithy lesson plan for the politician in waiting”

  2. Richard Spotswood

    Political Columnist
    The Marin Independent Journal Marin County, California
    “The essential primer on twenty-first century American politics. Bonner knows U.S. politics cold and has a unique ability to explain it.”

  3. Richard Ager

    New Hampshire Public Television
    “A how-to look inside the modern political process, for everyone from the nervous candidate facing his first TV interview to the undecided voter who doesn’t want to be manipulated.”

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